What is this?
I am starting this new thing. I am not sure if I want it to be a blog, a website, or what but I was spending too much time mulling that over and not enough time actually getting to it. Type now, work it out later.

The thought here is to make something every day and write about it. Big stuff or small stuff, actual or abstract… it doesn’t really matter as long as I had a hand in making it. That’s the blog part.

Later, I want to layer in maybe some categories, voting, interaction, contributors, editorials, etc… see, this is where I start to spin so for now I guess it’s a blog about making stuff.

The Name:
I thought I would call it “Make Shit Up” because that’s kinda what I am doing but also kinda not really appropriate. The obvious next choice, “Make Stuff Up” was sadly taken as were other url variations/cute alt-spellings/etc.

But then, while my daughter was watching Dora, it literally rolled in front of me. There was Swiper, tangled up in tumbleweed, rolling on by. Hmmm… I do have kinda a weird love of tumbleweeds (more on that in a future post) and there it was. Fumbleweeds.

Because I believe in the fumble, and often find myself in the weeds. But that’s reality. It’s not how you fumble, it’s how you recover and keep going. (Yes, football reference… more on Fantasy Football when the season starts).

Ok, so that’s About Fumbleweeds.

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