Reindeer Food

Right now my house looks like a Michael’s craft store exploded all over it. It’s the bits and pieces that remain after a weekend of DIY mermaid birthday party compulsion and my poor burnt-out self cannot lift a finger to fix it right now. I also can’t write about it yet, it’s too fresh (andContinue reading “Reindeer Food”

Restaurant Challenge: El Caballo Wraps

I’ve seen this place many times but never thought to try it because A) the entire point of this restaurant challenge is to break our taqueria pattern and B) I was biased. Sorry, but it has the word “Wraps” in its name. It just reminds me of those chains that wrap things like rice, broccoli,Continue reading “Restaurant Challenge: El Caballo Wraps”


Our Thanksgiving cook-off was a major success. So much so that we unanimously voted it the 1st annual Family Thanksgiving Cook-off (we need a better name). The food was great, the kids really helped with every dish, and nobody got hurt except me who managed about five minor burns while trafficking pies in and outContinue reading “THANKSGIVING COOKING: KID COOKS RULE”

Thanksgiving Cooking: Kids + Knives + Fire. This will end well.

Who out there watched Masterchef Junior? Seriously, if you didn’t you should. And if you did, you are probably thinking what underachievers your own kids are at this point. I kid, I kid… but these were some pretty amazing 9-13 year old kids wielding some serious cooking skills and restaurant quality dishes. This is theContinue reading “Thanksgiving Cooking: Kids + Knives + Fire. This will end well.”

Halloween: Pt 1

Remember Halloween when you were a kid? How good was Halloween. Throwing together some funky diy costume, grabbing a pillowcase for your candy haul, running around with the neighborhood crew until well after dark… adult-free. Then coming home, dumping out your candy piles, trading with your brother while your mom checked for rumored razors. GoodContinue reading “Halloween: Pt 1”

Just Don’t Call It A Party: DIY Pokemon Non-Party

When Jack’s birthday rolled around this year I asked him what he’d like to do: “No party.” was his response. “No party?” (can’t quite compute) “No.” (adamant) “Well, we don’t have to have that party” I said. See I knew what was wrong, no need for him to elaborate. It was the confirmation that yes,Continue reading “Just Don’t Call It A Party: DIY Pokemon Non-Party”

Tomato & Bread Salad

Summer. You’re not over yet, and yet you are kinda over. School starts tomorrow, homework too, and I even saw Christmas decor in the aisles of Costco. Which is a kinda WTF early, but, well… you’ll be missed summer. But before you totally bail on us, I thought it would be nice to hang withContinue reading “Tomato & Bread Salad”

Take-Out Box Thank You “Cards”

Unbelievably, the last day of school jumped on us out of nowhere. I know everyone says it… time flies, it all goes by so fast, etc, etc. But Kindergarten was warp speed ahead. Snip-snap, this year is done. Jack was officially “promoted” to 1st grade today and, since we’ve been spinning in end of schoolContinue reading “Take-Out Box Thank You “Cards””

Teriyaki Burger with Grilled Onions & Pineapple

Today I was really craving a burger. Strange because I don’t really like hamburgers. The idea of all those cows mushed together kinda grosses me out. But tonight, I went with it for the sake of the Make Stuff Up Challenge. I also had this very juicy pineapple that was so ripe I could smellContinue reading “Teriyaki Burger with Grilled Onions & Pineapple”