Crazy Calzones (aka: Kitchen Sink Calzones)

Not going to candy coat it, a daily creative challenge was a lofty goal. I mean, some days are just not made for making. I thought today was one of those days, I really wasn’t planning on making anything more than a standard cheese and pepperoni pizza. Nothing to blog about really, especially since IContinue reading “Crazy Calzones (aka: Kitchen Sink Calzones)”

DAY 12: A Really F-ing Good Tri-Tip Sandwich

For years now I’ve had this work-fantasy of dropping the rat race and being a mail carrier or owning a sandwich shop. The mail carrier seems obvious, right? Seriously, get paid to walk around all day in the beautiful California weather, listening to your earphones, leaving your work at work? Then there’s the sandwich shopContinue reading “DAY 12: A Really F-ing Good Tri-Tip Sandwich”

DAY 11: Prosecco, Ginger Lemonade, Mint Cooler

Lemon trees, unnecessary overachievers really. In our small yard we have a plum tree that rarely fruits. A fig tree that gives off mealy figs. A mandarin tree that shows some hope of eventually giving us edible mandarins and one small lemon tree that generates 1000lbs of lemons, year round. So lemonade, and various itemsContinue reading “DAY 11: Prosecco, Ginger Lemonade, Mint Cooler”

DAY 8: Lemony, Minty, Salad Stuff

Today was meant to be a basement day but guess what I was thwarted by? A) potential pregnant visitor (primer fumes = no bueno) B) a bit of a hangover C) a bit of laziness D) ALL OF THE ABOVE DING! DING! Correct! It is indeed “D: ALL OF THE ABOVE” Yes, logic and goodContinue reading “DAY 8: Lemony, Minty, Salad Stuff”

DAY 6: It’s Frickin’ Hot: Coffee Ice Cubes & Coffee Popsicles

It’s been hot here in the Bay Area this week. Not pretend Bay Area “hot” but actual, legitimate hot. It was 88 yesterday which, for April, is hot. AND I think from my 1 min of internet research it was possibly one of the hottest temps in the country yesterday. maybe. Well, even on hotContinue reading “DAY 6: It’s Frickin’ Hot: Coffee Ice Cubes & Coffee Popsicles”

DAY 2: What Basement? Today: Kid Art and Cookies

For today’s “make” challenge I set aside the dust mask for some art curating and cookie making. ART SHOW Today was all about prepping for tonight’s big art show at Jack’s school: Art a la Mode. Which I kinda think means art with a ice cream on top but ok, whatever. Backstory: I do THEContinue reading “DAY 2: What Basement? Today: Kid Art and Cookies”