DAY 2: What Basement? Today: Kid Art and Cookies

For today’s “make” challenge I set aside the dust mask for some art curating and cookie making.

Today was all about prepping for tonight’s big art show at Jack’s school: Art a la Mode. Which I kinda think means art with a ice cream on top but ok, whatever.

Jack's paper collage self portrait.
Jack’s paper collage self portrait.

Backstory: I do THE most fun volunteer gig at Jack’s school, Art Docent. Once a month I go into his Kindergarten class, teach the kids about art history and elements of art, and do a corresponding project with them. We’ve done cave art, stamp/print making, portraits, Matisse replicas, and so on. Super fun.

Well, with the annual Otis art show closing in, things have been heating up on the local kid art scene. Lucky for me, I recently quit my job. It takes a crap load of time to curate this stuff.

So I spent today creating the class display/puzzle. It went a little like this: layout art, pin it up, move art, move more art, remove, move again, move up, move down. done? No. repeat.

Then I volunteered to help another parent with her layout, pin up, move art, move more art, remove art, move again, move up, move down. done? No. repeat.

In the end, it was all worth it to see the kids filing in tonight, parents in tow, zeroing in on their art with pride (and then poof, off to find the “a la mode” part).

Ms. Whitman's Kindergarten class art
Ms. Whitman’s Kindergarten class art

(psst, a little thing about me: while I am not working I bank up all the uber-mom points I can, while I can…)

So, another thing I made today: Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies for the art show bake sale.

So good they hurt.
So good they hurt.

So who better to tap for a bake sale hit than Martha?

Really, you should make these cookies. They are easy, they are good. So good that when I make them I double the batch because, over time, I have created too many addicts to support with one batch. That good.

It actually does hurt a little after eating them. I think because they are stuffed with a butter/cream cheese/sugar frosting equal to your weekly caloric intake.

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