DAYS 3 & 4: Busy Making Nothing.

Well, kinda dropped the ball on this daily Make Stuff Up challenge. Fumble, fumble.

Revised Challenge Rules:
Every Day.*

*Except when it’s super nice out and Santa Cruz is calling…

…AND also especially when Santa Cruz just became the new home of your very good (very pregnant!) friends who have lived abroad for the last 13 years.

Lovely day at the beach. Santa Cruz
Lovely day at the beach. Santa Cruz

It was an awesome getaway and reunion full of creativity in its own way.

There was one particularly lovely moment I don’t want to forget. Ellie and I had been chasing waves up and down the beach and we were late to meet everyone for dinner when she asked to sit. I dropped the agenda and just sat. She reclined out on me, head resting on my shoulder, towel covering us both and we just rested there, watching the waves and the sun hanging low. She was so still for a 4 year old. Chatting, cozy, and together.


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