Button Bracelets: An Addict’s Story

I am kinda cheating because I really didn’t make this today for the Make Stuff Up Challenge. I am writing about it today but really it was part of a making binge on Sunday.

Finished Button Bracelet
Finished Button Bracelet

If you recall, on Sunday I made some tie dye tissue paper flowers for my neighbor girl’s birthday. But what I didn’t tell you was that there was a bit of a compulsive edge to that day. Really, I couldn’t stop making things. And in between waiting on my tie dye paper to dry for the flowers, and my bead bowls to melt in the oven (more info on that another day) I couldn’t just let it go and do something responsible like clean the house, hang out with my family, or shower. Like I said, it was a binge. It was not healthy.

The kids, who originally were planned participants, had realized by the third craft that I had moved into crazy town. They headed off to play in the backyard. But come on kids… button bracelets?!?!

And to be honest, while I loved how the paper flowers turned out, the other crafts of the day suffered from manic energy. I like the concept of these bracelets, I like the buttons, I am just not sure I love how it all came together. Plus this was really meant as a kid’s craft activity so I’ll try it again sometime when I haven’t burnt out the family with my addictive behaviors.

Things You'll Need
Things You’ll Need

– Elastic Cord
– Buttons
– Crimp beads

– Cut a piece of elastic cord about twice as long as you want the finished bracelet to be
– Weave the elastic cord in and out of the button holes from back to front, then repeat.
– Once it’s the right length, put each end through a crimp bead (or two for extra strength)
– Use needle nose pliers to “smash” down the crimp beads
– cut the extra cord off

Stringing the Buttons
Stringing the Buttons

Finished Bracelet
Finished Bracelet

I got this idea from a Martha Stewart Kid Craft Article. This would be cute with vintage buttons but things were a little limited in the Notions department of my local craft store so I ended up with these transparent glittery ones. This would also make a good craft for a kids party with lots of bright colored buttons to choose from.

Oh, and BTW… I craft-crashed over the last 24 hours which is why I have nothing new to write about. I am going to recover over the next few days with some more abstract interpretations of “making.”

Up Next: Something with music.

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