Restaurant Challenge: 1400 Bar & Grill

The Restaurant Challenge continues, our latest pick: 1400 Bar & Grill.

Typically we pick from the slips of paper in the pot but tonight Jack preempted this with his own suggestion. See, recently 1400 got a stamp of approval in Jack’s mind because he ran into a friend who had just finished dinner there. His friend was still standing and looked relatively happy so I guess this was enough for Jack. Never mind that his friend didn’t utter one word about the experience directly. Attendance was all it took.

Works for me so we headed for a family dinner there Sunday night.

Ready, set, eat.
Ready, set, eat.

1400 Bar & Grill
Walking in here it looks much like a pub which is a nice change from the very kid-friendly places we typically frequent. But don’t be fooled by the long wooden bar and large number of beer taps, this really is a family friendly place. The minute we sat down we were greeted with a smile, some crayons, and some kids coloring menus. Off to a good start.

Then I saw the large Pink Floyd poster front and center amongst a group of other vintage concert posters. One of my favorite bands of all time. I continued to scan the room and see hand written specials boards, old baseball gloves as decor, a beautiful stained glass ceiling, and lots of other details that made the place lovable, not the least being the neighborhood friendliness.

As usual, we ordered a ton of food…

Kids Burger & Fries
Kids Burger & Fries
Ellie rubbing her belly in approval of the kids mac n cheese.
Belly-rubbin’ good kids mac n cheese.

Fish Tacos with yummy fried jalapenos.
Fish Tacos with yummy fried jalapenos.
Fish, Chips, & Beer.
Fish, Chips, & Beer.

As if this wasn’t enough food, we ordered TWO desserts, a banana split and a slice of carrot cake. A man I assumed to be the owner came over to say hello and fill us in on the carrot cake’s old-school Alameda roots. The cake was almost more spice cake than carrot and not too sweet. It was really delicious.

Really though, it almost didn’t matter how good the food was because the overall neighborhood vibe and friendliness of the waitstaff and owner were enough to bring us back.

After dinner we rolled ourselves over to Crab Cove to walk off some of our gluttony along the shoreline…


1400 Bar & Grill
1400 Webster St. Alameda

Jack’s Review: Thumbs Up for hamburger, fries, atmosphere.
Elise’s Review: Thumbs Up for the banana split and coloring sheet.
Kristin’s Review: Thumbs Up for the friendly neighborhood pub vibe and the carrot. cake
Mike’s Review: Thumbs Up for the vibe & Jack’s leftover hamburger.

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