Ends and Starts

One of my favorite summer moments.
I’ll miss you Summer.

Well, summer is coming to an end for me, short but sweet. I head into a new job tomorrow satisfied with all I’ve squeezed out of the last few months and a little nervous for new beginnings.

During my time off it was my goal to:
1) Dust off my creative side since my last job overpowered it into hiatus.
2) Spend more time with my kids, preferably adventuring.
3) Set up new habits to keep goals 1 & 2 continuing while employed.

I kicked off numbers one and two bootcamp style with my Make Stuff Up Challenge as well as getting this blog off the ground. Sure, there are some projects yet to complete (ahem, basement) and some I never started, and the “daily” was actually every few days, but I crown it a successful jumping off point to keep rolling forward with.

The trick now is goal number three, keeping the creative habit rolling while working. While I am officially laying to rest the daily challenge, I will continue to post on Fumbleweeds once or twice a week with various creative projects, challenge updates (the restaurant challenge continues!), and adventuring reports.

So what’s the new gig? I will be working on Product Management for a small start up making Karaoke apps. A new jumping off point of sorts since I will be challenged to throw my inhibitions to the wind and sing. In broad daylight. At work. Huh, did I think this one through?

fumble and roll.

Summer Sun
Summer Sun

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