Restaurant Challenge: Hang Ten Boiler

I’m sure there are lots of kids out there who embrace new foods and don’t crumple to the ground in a pile of defeat at the suggestion of trying a new restaurant. Those are not my kids. Well, a few months back I hit a wall. I literally could not walk through the taqueria doorContinue reading “Restaurant Challenge: Hang Ten Boiler”

Adventures Count Too…

There really aren’t any strict definitions as to what counts for the Make Stuff Up Challenge. And anyhow, we know I’m not a stickler for the rules (ahem, “daily”) so today I stretched the boundaries of what “make” means by making an adventure… one we kinda messed up on. We had to run a quickContinue reading “Adventures Count Too…”

DAYS 3 & 4: Busy Making Nothing.

Well, kinda dropped the ball on this daily Make Stuff Up challenge. Fumble, fumble. Revised Challenge Rules: Every Day.* Make. Something. *Except when it’s super nice out and Santa Cruz is calling… …AND also especially when Santa Cruz just became the new home of your very good (very pregnant!) friends who have lived abroad forContinue reading “DAYS 3 & 4: Busy Making Nothing.”