Adventuring: Coyote Point & CuriOdyssey

Shhhhh… I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s a GOOD one that my friend turned me onto recently. The local libraries in the bay area (and maybe beyond?) offer free tickets to local museums and attractions. Places like the Academy of Sciences and the Discovery Museum. For free. Right? I know!Continue reading “Adventuring: Coyote Point & CuriOdyssey”

Adventuring: Wind, Water & Pinkberry

We were going to head to the ocean today but the cold, windy weather threw a kink in that plan. We only had one adventure day left in this long weekend so I had to think quick and recalibrate towards warmer climates. Eastward bound it was. In some early morning research, I had found aContinue reading “Adventuring: Wind, Water & Pinkberry”