DAY 9: Our Veggie Garden, Pt. 1

Jack with his various seeds
Jack with his various seeds
Our heat wave continues in Nor Cal with record breaking 90 degree temps today in Alameda.

90. Degrees.

To frame this for you, May is typically 65.

It got me thinking that it might just be a great time to get our garden started. Hot sun, some seeds, a bunch of dirt & water. According to my brown thumb and me, this is the recipe for success. So we pulled together a few supplies and started our starters.

I had it in my head that egg cartons would be perfect for starting seeds off in, until we watered them. This may evolve into more of a science project to see how many days one can water a cardboard garden before it disintegrates. Will it sprout or turn to mush first? Only time shall tell.

But I guess this is the point of the Make Stuff Up Challenge, and this Fumbleweeds experiment overall. Make first, ask questions later. I am typically such a researcher, looking into a thousand ways to do something before jumping in. But this daily-ish challenge doesn’t allow for a lot of contemplation time and instead has me moving on the ideas as they pop into my head. What’s today? Garden. Boom. Done.

We started with a couple of egg cartons, some Black Gold organic soil, a couple of plastic bottles, and lots of seeds.

Today we’re planting:
– Broccoli
– Green Beans
– Peas
– Carrots

We then made these little water bottles, one for each kid, to keep their starter seeds moist. Take any bottle out of your recycling, poke some holes in the top, and there you have it.

The kids are strangely fascinated with the bottles themselves and their newfound responsibility to keep their seeds moist.

DIY watering bottle
DIY watering bottle
READY to plant
READY to plant
Jack placing dirt
Jack placing dirt, yes that’s various “hot day” accouterment (dirt, sunscreen, popsicle) decorating his face.

Next I covered the holes in the lid of the egg cartons with tape and the kids filled the cartons with dirt. They made teeny, tiny, little holes in the dirt for seeds and carefully shoved 5 times more than required into each hole.

Jack then “put a ceiling of dirt on each little home to keep the seeds cozy and warm.” awww, sweet. Oh jeez, I hope they sprout!

I then labeled each row so we wouldn’t forget what was what.

Then came the water, lots of it, and that’s pretty much it. For today’s Make Stuff Up, we made up our little starter gardens.

Watering our seedlings
Watering our seedlings
Starter Veggie Garden
Starter Veggie Garden

And now we wait. And water. And wait.

To be continued…

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