Our Veggie Garden: Pt 2

Our Seeds Sprouted

It worked!
The egg cartons did not turn to mush.
The seeds did turn to sprouts.
We did not fumble this ball… yet.

Tonight we replanted the first batch of our sproutlets into an actual planter. By “we” I mean Elise and me. Jack was “having a bad night” and chose to sit this one out. Yep, totally get it. After a day of field trip fun at the Discovery Museum, Jack’s evening took a turn for the worse with a couple of playground injuries, one invoking a fat, bloody lip. Tomorrow we’ll plant his peas.

Please, no pictures
Please, no pictures
So it was just me and my girl. We really don’t know much about farming so we’re starting with a small parcel, a mere 1’x2′ plot. Riding our initial surprising success (Our Veggie Garden, Pt. 1) we were feeling slightly hubris and a bit daring in our approach. i.e. we just kinda shoved them in as neat and tidy as seemed right.
We planted green beans, carrots, and broccoli. It’s possible they are too close, too far, too shallow, too deep. We’ll ride this one out.

Planting our sprouts
Planting our sprouts
Tucking this bean sprout in
Tucking this bean sprout in
Watering our garden
Watering our garden

Oh, and there are a couple of reasons we started so small. Our “yard” is basically 12 square ft of space and about 1’x2′ of that space gets direct sun. Not really sure where we’ll shove the other sprouts, I might go out and randomly plop them where rays of light hit throughout the day.

To be continued…

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