DAY 6: It’s Frickin’ Hot: Coffee Ice Cubes & Coffee Popsicles

It’s been hot here in the Bay Area this week. Not pretend Bay Area “hot” but actual, legitimate hot. It was 88 yesterday which, for April, is hot. AND I think from my 1 min of internet research it was possibly one of the hottest temps in the country yesterday. maybe. Well, even on hotContinue reading “DAY 6: It’s Frickin’ Hot: Coffee Ice Cubes & Coffee Popsicles”


We rolled back into town yesterday from Santa Cruz, haggard and sandy, about an hour before a neighborhood birthday party. I think they said no gifts but in my head that equates to “small, less permanent gift” (i.e. we don’t need any more plastic crap in our house) Pre-Make Stuff Up I might have grabbedContinue reading “DAY 5: FAIRY CROWNS”

DAY 2: What Basement? Today: Kid Art and Cookies

For today’s “make” challenge I set aside the dust mask for some art curating and cookie making. ART SHOW Today was all about prepping for tonight’s big art show at Jack’s school: Art a la Mode. Which I kinda think means art with a ice cream on top but ok, whatever. Backstory: I do THEContinue reading “DAY 2: What Basement? Today: Kid Art and Cookies”

DAY 1: Prep = 80% of the work, 0% of the fun

Alright! Let’s get this “Make Stuff Up” Challenge going. I’m super psyched and ready to… PREP. UGH. Ok, so yeah, maybe this isn’t the most exciting way to kick off my creative challenge but this basement project has been hanging over my head for awhile so let’s start big. Truth be told, the real shoutContinue reading “DAY 1: Prep = 80% of the work, 0% of the fun”