DAY 13: Paper Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Day

DIY Paper Flowers - Teacher Appreciation Day
DIY Paper Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Day
What’s wrong with going to the flower shop and buying a nice little bouquet? WTF was I thinking setting out to make 24 individual paper flowers for Teacher Appreciation Day at 10PM last night? And no, I didn’t buy a kit from Paper-Source like a smart person might. With respect to my Make Stuff Up challenge I decided to do it DIY and use up some surplus card stock I had. Starting at 10PM. Brilliant!

This all started last week when I was trying to think of something special for Jack’s Kindergarten teacher for Teacher Appreciation week. (remember: banking those uber-mom points while I am on a work break)

I asked each kid in the class what they liked most about their Kindergarten teacher. The plan was to make a card from the class with these quotes written out. But yesterday things took a turn in my head and the card concept morphed into individual paper flowers, one for each kid to give the teacher with his or her quote on it.

Fast forward to 2:30AM this morning, project finally complete and ready for the kids to give the teacher today for Teacher Appreciation Week. I think when the kids gave them to her this morning she was touched. And I was pretty pleased to go back home and sleep for two more hours.

DIY Paper Flowers - Teacher Appreciation Week
DIY Paper Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Week

– Card stock of various colors
– Scissors
– Cloth Stem Floral Wire
– Brads in various shades of pink
– a printer
– a flower petal template

For the template, you can Google “Paper Flower Template” and find a bunch of variations. I chose this template originally created for ranunculus but I simplified for these flowers.

I then chose three colors of card stock that I could intermix and used this for printing the template out. This particular template has multiple sizes so I cut out 24 small, 24 med, 24 large flowers so that I would have 3 sizes per flower.

Then I made a word doc with the kids’ quotes and printed on beige cardstock. I cut these into strips, leaving an inch border to attach under the flower and cutting a triangle out of the end to look like a ribbon.

Next I took a push pin and poked a hole in the middle of each flower size (sm, med, large) and the quote. I then worked a brad into the hole starting with the smallest flower and ending with the largest flower.

I put the stem on next by making a small circle at one end of the wire, then putting it on the brad. I then slid the quote onto the brad next and then bent down the brad “prongs” to secure everything in place.

The last step was to curl the flower petals into shape. It was 2:30AM by this point so I was ready for bed. If I had more time, I would have “worked” the paper more by rubbing it into shape to give a better look. But I needed sleep!

DIY Paper Flowers - Teacher Appreciation Day
DIY Paper Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Day

2 thoughts on “DAY 13: Paper Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Day

  1. That is a great idea but maybe a little labor intensive for 10pm the night before. 🙂 They look amazing and would make a great mother’s day gift from children too.

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