DAY 14: Clue Party Invites!

Jack Won!
Jack Won!
My son is addicted to Clue. Not an app, not online… Good ole, low-fi, board game, CLUE.

Don’t get me wrong, he begs for the iPad like no other, and has built more pixelated structures in Minecraft than I would like to admit, but he’s a gamer through and through loving all types indiscriminately. Battleship, Temple Run, Wall-ball, board games, Uno, Chess, Angry Birds, Tic-tac-toe… he would play games all day if he could.

Jack is also a Clue evangelist, plotting to host multiple Clue parties with various groups of friends over the coming weeks. He insists that he will sit out to help teach the friends who don’t know how to play. Love him.

DIY Clue Party Invites
DIY Clue Party Invites

So we set about to make invites. Not evites, not emails. Paper invites in paper envelopes to go with the low-tech vibe of the night. Jack picked who gets which character/weapon/room and I whipped up the rest with the help of my scanner, printer, and abundance of card stock surplus I’ve been chipping away at.

Clue Party Invites
Clue Party Invites

There are tons of versions of Clue out there but I LOVE the illustrations in this Vintage remake.

Invite Copy
Invite Copy

The first Clue party is this Saturday. It’s truly an experiment to see how six, 6 year olds handle playing Clue against one another with one very zealous “instructor” watching over them. Well, there’s always pizza and ice cream as a distraction.

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