Pinkalicious: Experiments with RIT Dye

I ran across a blog post today on how to dye a shirt. Inspired! I’ve had a packet of Fuchsia RIT dye sitting on my dresser for awhile now. I bought it to give new life to one of my favorite blouses that’s seen better days. But fuchsia? I just wasn’t sure. It’s so, well…Continue reading “Pinkalicious: Experiments with RIT Dye”

Paper Castles & Triple Headed Dragons

After a very busy day adventuring yesterday we decided to lay low today and relax. On these down days I feel even more pressure to complete my Make Stuff Up Challenge. It’s one thing to fumble it on a busy day, but little excuse on a day like this. Except, of course, for my totalContinue reading “Paper Castles & Triple Headed Dragons”

Restaurant Challenge: Hang Ten Boiler

I’m sure there are lots of kids out there who embrace new foods and don’t crumple to the ground in a pile of defeat at the suggestion of trying a new restaurant. Those are not my kids. Well, a few months back I hit a wall. I literally could not walk through the taqueria doorContinue reading “Restaurant Challenge: Hang Ten Boiler”

Teriyaki Burger with Grilled Onions & Pineapple

Today I was really craving a burger. Strange because I don’t really like hamburgers. The idea of all those cows mushed together kinda grosses me out. But tonight, I went with it for the sake of the Make Stuff Up Challenge. I also had this very juicy pineapple that was so ripe I could smellContinue reading “Teriyaki Burger with Grilled Onions & Pineapple”

It’s Alive! Basement Project Pt. 2

I know, I know… Basement Pt. 1 was such a cliffhanger. How could I leave you on the edge of your seat like that? Well wait no more because today I spent three hours doing this: BEFORE PRIMER AFTER PRIMER Right? I hear you… ah-mazing! As obvious from the pics, there’s not much to sayContinue reading “It’s Alive! Basement Project Pt. 2”

Adventures Count Too…

There really aren’t any strict definitions as to what counts for the Make Stuff Up Challenge. And anyhow, we know I’m not a stickler for the rules (ahem, “daily”) so today I stretched the boundaries of what “make” means by making an adventure… one we kinda messed up on. We had to run a quickContinue reading “Adventures Count Too…”

Crazy Calzones (aka: Kitchen Sink Calzones)

Not going to candy coat it, a daily creative challenge was a lofty goal. I mean, some days are just not made for making. I thought today was one of those days, I really wasn’t planning on making anything more than a standard cheese and pepperoni pizza. Nothing to blog about really, especially since IContinue reading “Crazy Calzones (aka: Kitchen Sink Calzones)”

DAY 14: Clue Party Invites!

My son is addicted to Clue. Not an app, not online… Good ole, low-fi, board game, CLUE. Don’t get me wrong, he begs for the iPad like no other, and has built more pixelated structures in Minecraft than I would like to admit, but he’s a gamer through and through loving all types indiscriminately. Battleship,Continue reading “DAY 14: Clue Party Invites!”