Pinkalicious: Experiments with RIT Dye

I ran across a blog post today on how to dye a shirt. Inspired! I’ve had a packet of Fuchsia RIT dye sitting on my dresser for awhile now. I bought it to give new life to one of my favorite blouses that’s seen better days. But fuchsia? I just wasn’t sure. It’s so, well…Continue reading “Pinkalicious: Experiments with RIT Dye”

Paper Castles & Triple Headed Dragons

After a very busy day adventuring yesterday we decided to lay low today and relax. On these down days I feel even more pressure to complete my Make Stuff Up Challenge. It’s one thing to fumble it on a busy day, but little excuse on a day like this. Except, of course, for my totalContinue reading “Paper Castles & Triple Headed Dragons”

DAY 15: Jack Makes Stuff Up Too…

I make things for two reasons: 1) I love doing it 2) I want my kids to grow up knowing the importance of creativity, hands-on problem solving, and the joy of making stuff. Tonight I realized my six year old gets it. Not just likes to do arts and crafts gets-it, but actually finds joyContinue reading “DAY 15: Jack Makes Stuff Up Too…”

DAY 14: Clue Party Invites!

My son is addicted to Clue. Not an app, not online… Good ole, low-fi, board game, CLUE. Don’t get me wrong, he begs for the iPad like no other, and has built more pixelated structures in Minecraft than I would like to admit, but he’s a gamer through and through loving all types indiscriminately. Battleship,Continue reading “DAY 14: Clue Party Invites!”

DAY 13: Paper Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Day

What’s wrong with going to the flower shop and buying a nice little bouquet? WTF was I thinking setting out to make 24 individual paper flowers for Teacher Appreciation Day at 10PM last night? And no, I didn’t buy a kit from Paper-Source like a smart person might. With respect to my Make Stuff UpContinue reading “DAY 13: Paper Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Day”


We rolled back into town yesterday from Santa Cruz, haggard and sandy, about an hour before a neighborhood birthday party. I think they said no gifts but in my head that equates to “small, less permanent gift” (i.e. we don’t need any more plastic crap in our house) Pre-Make Stuff Up I might have grabbedContinue reading “DAY 5: FAIRY CROWNS”

DAY 2: What Basement? Today: Kid Art and Cookies

For today’s “make” challenge I set aside the dust mask for some art curating and cookie making. ART SHOW Today was all about prepping for tonight’s big art show at Jack’s school: Art a la Mode. Which I kinda think means art with a ice cream on top but ok, whatever. Backstory: I do THEContinue reading “DAY 2: What Basement? Today: Kid Art and Cookies”